Crossing The Jump Rope: Use The Arms

For regular rope skipping, it is preferred to generate rope speed by turning only the wrists, and refraining from involving the arms. 

When you move to crossing the jump rope, it is exactly the opposite. If you are still expending effort trying to turn your wrists as you cross back and forth, your crosses will be too slow, and eventually the rope speed will get out of synch with your foot speed.

Watch this video...

Jumping Rope: Add Velocity With Each Rope Turn

The key to jumping rope well is to successfully coordinate your jump speed with the speed of the rope. If one is faster than the other, the rope will eventually get tripped up. Something that is easy to overlook, is the need to continue to turn the rope once you get it going.

I often see beginning jumpers establish a consistent jump rhythm, but try to pair it with a "casual" rope turn. This isn't going to work for long. If you want to keep the rope going, you need to be "deliberate" with the turn of the rope. 

Make sure you are in control of the exercise by adding a little bit of speed to the rope with each turn. Take a look at the video below for more.