Are you uncomfortable in a gym setting?

Are you intimidated by some of your gym peers?

There's no need to be. No one is paying attention to you.

And if someone is, the joke's on them. They are the fool for concerning them self with your actions over their own. 

The truth is that most "fit" and "intimidating" people you see in a gym are there for themselves. They don't notice much going on around them aside from their task at hand. This is good for both you and them. For you, you won't be judged. For them, they are remaining focused on their goals.

Everyone at the gym is there to get better at something. Everyone wants you to succeed along with them. 

Don't intimidate yourself by putting others on a pedestal. Make yourself comfortable while at the gym. You have just as much of a right to be there as everyone else, (unless you skip leg day.)