What Do You Want to Hear About?

I want to put out something fitness related (as close to daily) as I can manage. 

I want to answer questions and write about things that will actually help you, so today I am reaching out to you  and asking you to help me get started.

Let me know what training related questions you have that you want me to break down. It can be specific or vague, directly or indirectly related to working out.

I see a lot of people throughout the day, and don't always have time to answer all the questions people have. I hope this will be an avenue that I can cover your specific needs and interests. 

If you guys don't help me out, I'm just going to start rambling about random stuff, and nobody needs that.

Ask me anything! Do you have any questions about...

  • a specific exercise?
  • an exercise method?
  • nutrition?
  • mindset?
  • productive habits?
  • an injury?
  • my cats?
  • etc....