self esteem

What Others Say

There will always be someone (or some people) there to try to bring you down.

They will tell you that you’re starting to look too muscular, or too thin.

They will criticize the form you used to complete a particular lift.

They will claim that you’re going to get hurt doing the type of exercise you’re doing.

It’s never an expert that makes these types of comments.

It’s never a person who actually has any knowledge about what they’re commenting about.

It’s always someone who feels threatened by you.

It’s always someone in a worse place than you are, trying to bring you down with them.

Their comments don’t matter.

They don’t deserve to have any influence over you.

On the other hand, there will always be someone (or some people) there to encourage you.

They will tell you that you are looking great, and will be there to congratulate you on a made lift.

While this kind of feedback can be productive, it also doesn’t matter.

Positive feedback doesn’t matter.

Negative feedback certainly doesn’t matter.

You should be changing your body and increasing your capabilities for yourself, not to gain positive or negative attention from other people.

The only thing that matters is whether or not you’re happy with what you have going on.