Muscle Up Lesson #2: Master Pull Ups and Dips

This may sound obvious, but you must correctly train pull ups and dips if you want to ever be able to do a muscle up. The operative word is correctly. Many people train pull ups and dips, but not everyone trains them correctly.

Proper pull up and dip training will help lay the foundation for the strength it will take to complete a muscle up.

As I said in this post, you may not be as far from doing a muscle up as you think. You actually don't even have to be able to do a ton dips and pull ups. You just have to get great at doing a few reps WELL. (Take a look at the video to see how I like to see a dip and a pull up done.) 

Muscle Up Prerequisites

Pull Ups: 5 full range of motion reps (from dead hang to chin over the bar), with a 2 second pause at the top and the bottom. Absolutely no momentum, or raising of the legs.

Dips: 10 full range of motion reps (full depth and full lock out), with a 2 second pause at the top and bottom. Absolutely no momentum.

Once you pass these two tests, you can consider moving ahead with your muscle up training.


So, after watching the video, are you performing pull ups and dips well enough to consider moving on to the mighty muscle up?



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