Three Minutes of Flaggin'

Today's video shows some footage from Friday's flag training. The clips are in sequential order from the workout....

  • :10 - :43....warming up with a barbell.
  • :44 - :56....some flag hanging just to stretch out a bit.
  • when I get into some actual flagging. The holds got slightly better as I went.
  • the best hold of the day. Do you give me credit for 7 seconds or not?
  • new favorite side bend variation!
  • 1:56 - 2:11....a couple more flags for the day after some sets of side bends. They weren't as strong as the earlier ones!
  • 2:12 - 2:40....more side bends. This time I held the loaded side at the bottom longer for more of a stretch.
  • 2:40....don't really know what to call these. I suppose I'll call them "bottom arm supported" flag raises. Let me know in the comments if you have a better name in mind.


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