Jump Rope Joe to Jump Rope Pro

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Jump Rope Joe to Jump Rope Pro


Do you feel that you lack the skill to jump rope? I’ll show you ways in which ANYONE can.

Do you think your body can’t handle jumping rope? I’ll show you low impact options that ANYONE can do.

Is basic rope skipping becoming too boring for you? I’ll teach you advanced skills that will make your jump rope training ANYTHING BUT BORING.


This is not a book of jump rope workouts. Instead, this is a resource that will teach you how to jump rope properly. It contains over 40 minutes of instructional video to help you understand jumping rope from the most basic level, all the way up to highly advanced jump rope skills.


  • A history of my experience jumping rope.

  • How to choose and size a jump rope.

  • The fundamentals of jumping rope.

  • Instructions to learning advanced skills such as side swings, criss-crossing, double unders, and double under crossing.

  • Links to various resources that will help your jump rope training.

*For proper formatting, an eReader is recommended.*

*All instructional videos are externally linked. You will be prompted to leave your eReader to view them.*

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